Qashqar Fostering SMEs for SMEDA’s OD Grant

Organizational Development grant aims at improving SMEs’ internal capacities in five core areas i.e. financial management, employee management, regulatory compliance, production management, and general business management. SMEDA‚Äôs SME Grant Program offers funding to eligible SMEs to pay for services of consultants/service providers for the above-mentioned services.

Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA)

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) is an autonomous institution of the Government of Pakistan with a mandate to develop SMEs in the country. For extending support to SMEs, SMEDA has launched National Business Development Program for SMEs (NBDP), across Pakistan, that offers different types of incentives to small and medium-sized businesses; including the provision of small grants.

National Business Development Program (NBDP)

National Business Development Program envisages provision of handholding support/business development services to SMEs while focusing on the following components:

  • Provision of Grants to SMEs for small business startup, organizational development, marketing, research and development, product testing/certifications, and creditworthiness assessment. These grants will be available for businesses in all sectors of the economy having SME presence.
  • Business-related advice and information will be provided to existing or potential SMEs through SMEDA designated helpdesk, or SME business helpline.
  • Provision of Over the Counter (OTC) products such as pre-feasibility studies, information briefs pertinent to business management, sector studies, commercial contracts, legal templates, and regulatory procedure.
  • Execute demand-based training for capacity building of SMEs in areas of HR, marketing, management, technology, and regulatory issues, etc.
  • Identify, strengthen and network consultants, experts, trainers, etc. for enhancing usability of their services by the SME Sector, thereby, making the BDS market more vibrant and effective.
  • Promote youth entrepreneurship by supporting business incubation centers. Universities / Institutions already running or willing to run Business Incubation Centers will be provided grants.
  • Carry out primary research for identification of potential areas for policy interventions, innovation, value addition and investment mobilization in the SME Sector.

Organization Development (OD) Grant

Grant Description

The focus of OD grant is to improve managerial efficiency and organizational systems of SMEs by offering support to acquire services in the areas such as Accounting manuals/software, financial management, resource planning, inventory management, regulatory compliance, human resource management, production planning, procurement planning, and general management, etc..

Maximum Grant Size (PKR)

80% of the total cost of the service, up-to maximum of PKR. 500,000/- An applicant may acquire multiple services within the maximum grant size of Rs. 500,000/-

Other Details are at this brochure

Documents Required

Applicant Information

  • Scanned Copy of CNIC (Front & Back)
  • Passport size photograph of the applicant (not older than 1 year)
  • Disability certificate (for disabled applicants)
  • Educational certificates
  • Professional membership certificates

Business Information

  • Scanned copy of NTN Certificate
  • Scanned copy SECP Registration / Registrar of Firms
  • Export proof (E-form or tax return) (for exporters)
  • Chamber of Commerce / Association Membership
  • The quality or other certifications


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