Chitral Incubation Center (CICstart)

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CICstart has a purpose-built co-working and multi-functional community space that supports all incubation, acceleration and mentorship programs. The space offers post-incubation and acceleration facilities (Physical and ICT) to the entrepreneurs to startup and operates their businesses, network, convene meetings, and link with mentors and advisors, for a specified period at affordable rates.




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Co-Working Space: At Qashqar CICstart, you get to experience working in a friendly shared environment with all the amenities of contemporary office in the state of the art co-working space in Chitral. No need to rent an office when you can avail of the opportunity to rent a work-station(desk) for daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis. You own a dedicated workstation with all the benefits of a full office.

Meeting Space: We provide a board room, with executive chairs, that accommodate 6 people for close discussions, interviews. When you rent meeting room coffee/tea is on us. You get whiteboard with markers and stationary for note-taking and attached bathroom with consumables.

Workshop Space: At Qashqar CICstart, we provide modern workshop space fully equipped with all that is needed for training, conference, seminar, or just holding a talk for an interactive session. Space accommodates up to 10 people plus a relaxing area for one on one interaction.

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  • Entrepreneurial mindset for startups
  • Business Modeling and advisory
  • Development of Information Memorandum
  • Financial Modeling
  • Pitch Preparation
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