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Great websites need the right language. Our team of skilled copywriters at Qashqar will take your RAW website information and craft it into consumer-friendly language. We write for the people reading your content, not to game the algorithm. We’ll deliver up to 750 words per page. Have an extra-long, scrolling page? Simply add additional pages at checkout!

What’s the difference between Website Copy and a Landing Page? Choose Website Copy if you’re looking to update the copy on your Home Page, About Us Page, or other public long-term website pages. Landing Pages are specialized pages used for a marketing campaign that are intended to nurture a specific audience from a marketing message to conversion (similar to a Click Funnel).

What’s the deal with “non-scrolling”? It’s simple: if your home page, about us, services, meet the team…etc and so on…are all on the same, long scrolling page, you’ll need to order multiple pages to rewrite all of that copy.

The team ad Qashqar does not layout Websites or advise on the layout. For best results, send us your current website with notes on what you’d like to change or your raw website information along with your desired layout!

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