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Lunching of Online Business Directory & SMS Portal for Entrepreneurs of Chitral

akrspads_qash1Qashqar Business Management and Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) Chitral is now in a joint venture to to provide relevant job provision and market information to young entrepreneurs of district Chitral.

Under this joint venture QMB will host and design Online Directory for entrepreneurs and Local Support Organization of Chitral. This Web Portal will provide information on job opportunities, Financial Services, Detail of Banks & Investors, Business News, Market rates of different Local Products and information on business opportunities, information. QBM also initiate a business information center in the name of Qashqar Business Corridor. QBM also setup SMS subscription service for instant flow of Market Information to Young people especially entrepreneurs and job seekers of the region.

This project will be on air/ available till the end of this month.

Visits: 159